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Onboarding Checklist

Watch the video or refer to the written instructions below



This checklist will take you through the process to get started with the Criteo APIs. The steps are divided into several categories, some of which you might decide to skip if they aren't applicable to your needs. To get the most from this document, read and execute steps in order.

The list contains three types of items:

  • Todo: Steps that are required in order to perform a certain task or set up a certain part of your app
  • 💡 Info: Information that is not critical for the process, but will help you understand the context or clarify certain steps.
  • 🚨Warning: Things to be aware of throughout the process, as they might involve additional implementation effort or incur certain risks.

Getting familiar with Criteo Retail Media Platform

Getting started with access

Create a Criteo developer account

  • Start by creating your Criteo developer account (if you already have an account please skip this step): Go to our landing page at developers.criteo.com and click on Get Started
  • Complete our registration form to create a Criteo developer account: You will receive a confirmation email to finish the process

Create your organization once you have created your Criteo developer account

  • ✔ Complete the organization details form
  • ✔ Once created you will have access to developer portal

Modifying an Account or Organization

Learning how to use Criteo endpoints

Create an app

  • ✔ Once you have created your organization, you will have access to the MyApps page. This page will give you a summary of the apps you have created.
  • ✔ To start creating an app, click on the Start building button. Define an app name, description and image to create your app.
  • ✔ This fields will be editable before publishing an app (for more details see the Managing my app

App name, image and description

  • 💡 This elements will be visible to the Advertisers, Brands or Publishers you will share your App with. So please provide some content describing your business and inspiring confidence to your App users.

Get your app credentials

  • ✔ Get your API credentials once your app is created. Start creating a set of credentials by clicking on Generate and download new key. This will create a new set of credentials (API Key and API Secret).
  • ✔ API Key will be available in the credentials table and secret will only be provided once (a file with the secret will automatically download when creating a set of credentials) please keep it preciously! For more details about credentials please see the Create your app

Managing my credentials

  • 💡 You will be limited to 5 API credentials at for an App (for ex. 1 for production, 1 for troubleshooting and 3 others for any other use case you can imagine)
  • 💡 For more details about how to edit and delete credentials please see the Create your app

API Secret shared only once

  • 🚨 API Secret will be available in the file automatically downloaded when creating a set of credentials) please keep it preciously as it will be the only time we will be able to share it with you!

Define your App scope

Select the services you would like to access through your app (Marketing Solutions, Retail Media or Publisher)

  • ✔ Once you are sure and you have chosen a Service, please click on Save. This action cannot be undone.

Saving the Service cannot be undone

  • 🚨 Once you click on save, you won't be able to switch between Marketing Solutions, Publisher or Retail Media anymore! So please chose carefully (and in case you made a mistake it is not that bad, just create a new app 😉)

Then select the authorizations you would need for your app

  • ✔ Click on the Save button to save your authorization selection.
  • ✔ You can update the authorizations as much times as you want before validating your app through the Generate consent link button

Validate your app and generate a consent URL

Click on Generate & Copy URL to finish your app

  • ✔ This will generate a consent link you can share with an advertiser/brand/publisher to get the authorization to access to their assets.
  • ✔ Changing the name, description, image or app scope will no longer be available after the first URL creation.
  • ✔ You can generate as much URLs as you want and each URL can only be used once.

Validating an App sets the App information and scope

  • 🚨 Changing the name, description, image or app scope will no longer be available after the first URL creation.

More information about how authorization works

Start using your API connection

Once you click on Generate & Copy URL, the consent URL will be directly copied into your clipboard

  • ✔ Once you click on Generate & Copy URL, the consent URL will be directly copied into your clipboard.
  • ✔ Share your URL by email, Slack or any other mean to your Advertiser, Brand or Publisher.
  • ✔ Once they click the link, they will be redirected to the Criteo Consent Portal where they can provide you the requested authorization levels for the accounts in their portfolio.

Start using the Criteo API endpoints

  • ✔ You will then be able to use the domains in your scope for those advertisers/brand/publishers and start using Criteo APIs! 🎉

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